Model 5 Construction


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • Position the four shorter arches above the completed structure in such a way as to cover the gaps and position these shorter arches in the very center of the structure.

Step 4

  • Tape the shorter arches securely in place at each end.
  • Completely circle the entire apparatus in taping.

Step 5

  • Turn the apparatus over and push the short arches up through the gaps.
  • Refer to the image at step 9 for a better visual reference for the next two instructions.
  • Insert five craft sticks between the angle formed by the short arches as shown in the above image.
  • Insert four craft sticks below the long arches and above the short arches as illustrated.

Step 6

  • Secure the side braces with small rubberbands.

Step 7

  • Construct a bridge surface by arranging craft sticks side-by-side and taping them together on both sides and below.
  • Use enough craft stick to slightly exceed the length of the bridge surface.

Step 8

  • Secure the surface to the bridge with rubberbands.

Step 9

  • A view of the underside of the bridge on completion.